So you are looking to mount a television on your wall? But How Do You Put A TV Mount On The Wall I hear you ask?

By mounting a television on the wall, it can create a great visual impact. Not to mention the space saving this can also offer. But, before attempting to install a television onto the wall, make sure you give some consideration top what’s involved. It is not a straight forward job and in this article we will offer you some pointers a quick overview of how to mount your TV on the wall.
First things first, you are going to need some tools to complete this task. We’ve compiled a list of the tools that will be needed. Take a look over them to make sure you have this readily available.

How Do You Put A TV Mount On The Wall

Tools You Will Require

  • Pen/Pencil To Mark Drill Points
  • Spirit Level
  • Screwdriver
  • A Power Drill
  • A Measuring Tape
  • A Stud Finder
  • Plus you will need your TV wall mounting kit….of course!! 🙂

    Types Of Wall Mounting TV Kits

    Do bear in mind that mounting kits can come in a different formats. For example if you are fitting a flat screen television on a wall, then you will want to purchase a fixed mounted TV kit. This type of TV kit is a rigid mount, fitting directly to the wall, but prevents you from being able to adjust the angle of the television, plus they are not a universal fitment.

    For those of you looking to be able to angle the TV, a tilt mounted television kit would be best suited. These will enable the user to “tilt” their TV to suit preference with the positioning. Using a tilt mounted TV kit also means you can fit your television higher on the wall.

    If you are wanting to have your television as close to the wall as possible, then you should consider purchasing a slim mount TV kit. This TV kit comes in both fixed and tilt, depending on your preference.

    For those of you that have a large room and where people want to be watching TV from different locations, perhaps consider a cantilever TV mounting kit. This type of kit has a long arm that’s retractable. In addition the TV can be viewed horizontal and vertical.

    Not the option if you are wanting to mount a large TV. An under cabinet television mount is a great way to save on space and would usually be under a cabinet. One idea would be to use of these mounting kits for installing a small TV screen in a kitchen.

    Lastly and slightly different to the previous television mounting kits we’ve discussed, you can also purchase a ceiling TV mounting kit. As the name says, simply attached to the ceiling rather than a wall.

    How Do You Put A TV Mount On The Wall

    How Do I Mount A TV On The Wall?

    You are going to need to make some checks before getting your mounting kit on the wall. First off, do consider that not all TV mounting kits fit any television. So you need to do some research beforehand, ideally flicking through the manual for your television. You are looking to find out the measurement of your TV – also referred to as the “VESA measurement.” This is the usually detailed in the instruction guide or manual. You can also find out the VESA measurement by simply taking a quick measurement on the back of your television. You want to look for the threaded screw holes on the rear of your TV and just measure between them.

    Having chosen where you want to mount the television and selecting your preferred mounting kit, you are now ready to fit your bracket to the wall. Don’t rush this part, after all, you want to make sure the best visual experience is given.

    Place the bracket on to your television, then find the mounting holes on the rear and fit the mounting arms. Make sure you’re using the bolts/fittings provided by the manufacturer.

    Quick Tip – don’t use a drill on the television.

    The bracket can now be placed up to the wall. Do make sure you are using a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall, which will be holding the television. If you don’t own a stud finder, you can easily purchase one online. Check out where you can compare the best stud finders available. Using a pen or pencil, mark off where you will be drilling the bracket onto the wall. You can now proceed with screwing the bolts supplied into the wall mounting kit.

    As we get towards the end of this project, you will now be looking to connect up the cables. This can be easier for certain types of wall mounting kits – so it does depend on which one you’ve purchased. For example, with a fixed wall mounting television kit, you will find it easiest to hide the cables.

    Quick Tip – at this point it is a good idea to ask for another pair of hands.

    It is good practice to have one person holding the television, as the other one attaches the cables. Make sure you place the television within the brackets and that it’s locked. Don’t let go of the television, until you are certain the television is fully locked in place. Check, Check & Check again – to make sure the TV is secured.

    Finally test out the television to make sure all cables are connected and the TV is working as it should. Best of luck with the installation of your television mounting kit!